Luca Oakridge Physiotherapy Vancouver

Luca Pellanda

Massage Therapist

Luca completed the 3,000-hour RMT training and over 550-hour clinical training programs at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. As part of his clinical training at VCMT, Luca obtained experience in a diverse range of hospitals and care facilities in the lower mainland.

The focus of Luca’s training and studies has been to develop skills in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue and repetitive stress injuries with myofascial techniques. Myofascial techniques treat the muscles and connective tissue of the body to rehabilitate these areas by promoting their mobility, flexibility, and health. These techniques help the client in their physical activity and performance.

Luca performs treatment using deep tissue techniques, myofascial trigger point release, fascial manipulation, joint mobilizations, Swedish massage, active stretching and remedial exercises. He is a member and graduate of the Fascial Manipulation Association (Associazione Manipolazione Fasciale), based in Italy, having completed his Level 1 Fascial Manipulation studies.

Luca believes wellness activities such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, cycling, aquafit, and swimming can be beneficial for improving the body’s strength, balance, mobility, and stability. He has practised these forms of activity and also enjoys running, cycling, free weights, and circuit training, believing that staying active provides for a higher quality of life and better recovery from injury.

*Luca does not treat patients who require reporting to ICBC or Worksafe BC.