Administration careers at Oakridge Physiotherapy

Are you our next passionate administrator who can make a difference at Oakridge Physiotherapy? 

Our administration team works with a highly engaged group of healthcare practitioners and leaders who are completely committed to nurturing the health and performance of our community! You could be an important part of the team that ensures that our community is provided with the healthcare it needs to be its best.

Work environment

Our mission is to nurture the health and performance of our community. Every person on the team is committed to reach this goal by providing a high level of care from the time the client steps into our clinic to the moment they leave. We treat each other with respect by caring about others just like we care about our clients. 

We want you to feel valued and rewarded. The experience at Oakridge Physiotherapy is much more than work experience.  We stand out by educating staff members not just about how to perform the everyday tasks of the job but by showing the ropes of the healthcare industry. You will be able to tell that our leaders are passionate, dedicated, and respectful individuals. 

Primary Position Requirement:

Your role is important to us and there are 5 key areas where you need to demonstrate your excellence: 

  1. You provide excellent support our clients. 
  2. You are highly skilled in the management of client experience. 
  3. You are deeply committed to providing operational support to our well-established and passionate team of practitioners.
  4. You have a solid understanding of invoicing and receiving of payments.
  5. You are a genuine team player and work efficiently and accurately as part of our team.


  1. You have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a customer service role. 
  2. You are a high school graduate with working experience or have post-secondary education.
  3. Your are a self-starter.
  4. Empathy, respect, and kindness are meaningful to you.
  5. You are prepared and on time.
  6. Details matter to you.
  7. Your like to solve problems.


If you are serious about joining Oakridge Physiotherapy and about nurturing the health and performance of our community, then please make sure to follow the instructions below exactly: 

  1. Send an email to the Director of Operations
  2. Please include in the subject line of your email: “Applicant for the Administrative Assistant position”.
  3. Include a brief description of why you would like to join the Oakridge Physiotherapy team.
  4. Provide one paragraph listing your most relevant qualifications.
  5. Provide one paragraph detailing how you can make a client’s experience exceptional.  
  6. Provide one paragraph explaining how physiotherapy can improve one’s health.
  7. Please be sure to include your resume in PDF format.

Thank you for the interest, effort and energy you have put into your application. We will only be following up with the applicants that we believe are qualified for the next step of our hiring process.