Specializing in Treating Hamstring Injury

Specializing in Treating Hamstring Injury

Signs of a pulled hamstring are:

  • An abrupt sharp pain at the back of the leg, especially during sprinting.
  • Strain during stretching.
  • Swelling and wounding. If the strain is severe a space may be really felt in the muscle.
  • Hamstring strains are rated according to seriousness. Attributes of a grade 1 strain are:.
  • Tightness at the rear of the upper leg.
  • Some pain with walking.
  • Minimal swelling.

In a grade 2 strain:

  • The person could limp.
  • There might be abrupt twinges of pain with activity.
  • Swelling may happen.
  • Flexing the knee versus resistance sources discomfort.
  • The person might have a problem straightening the knee.
  • There is tenderness in the area of the hamstring.

In a grade 3 strain:

  • There is a burning or stabbing pain.
  • Walking is badly affected and crutches might be needed.
  • Intense pain takes place when the knee is bent.
  • Swelling occurs immediately.

After a few days with grade 2 or grade 3 injuries, there could be a big bruise below the tear created by bleeding in the tissues. The first 48 hours adhering to injury are important. You need to begin the RICE protocol promptly (rest, apply ice and compression and elevate the afflicted area). Relax is necessary to stop more injury and offer the muscle time to recover. A grade 1 strain need to be rested for about 3 weeks, a grade 2 for 4 to six weeks while a grade 3 strain may occupy to 3 months. Surgical treatment is suggested for this type of strain. Ice should be made an application for twenty minutes (never ever use directly to the skin) every two hours while the leg is resting in an elevated position. A compression bandage aids minimize swelling and hemorrhaging in the cells.

Early stretching physical exercises must performed within the pain-free array to help in decreasing swelling. We will use massage strategies to increase blood circulation to the area and rate healing, in addition to ultrasound and electrical stimulation to offer deep warmth and loosen up the muscles. If you need to put on crutches to take several of the strain off the hamstrings, we will educate you and begin you on a rehab program that will assist you protect against further injury.