Managing Asthma with Physiotherapy

Just how can I keep on top of my asthma?

It’s actually essential that you handle your asthma so you do not permanently damage your lungs. To handle your asthma, you begin with a visit to your doctor. They’ll get your symptoms controlled with medicine and an asthma strategy plan. It’s also important that you have some sessions with a physio that is experienced in asthma management.


Exactly how can physiotherapy help?

A physiotherapist assists you in how to manage the physical effects of your asthma and something actually vital: how you can breathe correctly! Simple modifications to the method you take a breath will allow you really feel more relaxed, in control, and will prevent your asthma symptoms from worsening.


A physio could help by showing you ways to:

  • Control your cough.
  • Eliminate mucous.
  • Using your inhaler appropriately.
  • Deal better with asthma attacks.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Perform breathing exercises that you could then continue at home.
  • Relax so you breathe better during exercise.

How we breathe impacts our wellness and wellness. We must breathe well to feel well. You may believe that’s a piece of cake: you take a breath without considering it, right? Not always: Many people breathe air in and out quickly via our mouths, using our upper body and neck muscles. When this becomes a behavior, we really feel extremely weak: dizzy, anxious and breathless – this is extremely usual if you have asthma. Physios have skills to help you discover to breathe properly so you could be actually energetic without getting wheezy.