Looking to Improve Your Golf Game? Do What the Pros Do

Looking to Improve Your Golf Game? Do What the Pros Do

The game of golf requires many elements to be consistent and successful.  A golf professional will help with the fundamentals of the swing, fitting of equipment and course management of your game while a fitness professional can help with your general conditioning.  As physiotherapists, we can improve your game by assessing what physical limitations and dysfunction movement patterns are limiting your performance.

The Who

The golf swing is a finely controlled coordination of multiple movements.  The areas of your body that allow mobility must have the range to move freely while areas that need to be stable assist with generating power, strength and balance.

The Problem

Physical limitations and dysfunctional movement patterns can have an impact on your swing. The deep squat and trunk rotation are some examples of functional movements associated with a golf swing.  The ability to perform a deep squat assesses how well the ankles, knees and hips bend, and if the trunk can extend.  A limited deep squat may lead to compensation by altering the posture during the backswing phase.  Rotation through the trunk; hips and the ability to separate these movements are important to provide a stable platform to generate power through the swing. Lack of mobility with rotational movements can lead to compensations such as excessive lateral movements and over the top swing.  Continuing to golf with mobility issues can compound over time leading to injury and limit your performance.     

The Solution

Our golf screen combines Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen with physiotherapy assessments to determine what areas of your body are not moving property which can limit the biomechanics of your swing.  The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screen is used by the PGA, LPGA and tour pros to help identify physical limitations such as posture, muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movements.  The assessment consists of a functional movement assessment and swing characteristic analysis using 2D video.  The functional movement assessment assists in predicting which specific segments of swing characteristics may be altered.  Using 2D video analysis, we can break down the biomechanics of the swing and see if physical limitations are altering certain swing characteristics.

All clients will be provided an individual exercise program aimed at correcting specific dysfunctional movements and video of their swing mechanics.  Physiotherapy treatments may be recommended if there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.  We will provide recommendations and communicate with any fitness or golf professionals you are working with.

Our golf assessment is suitable for levels of golfers.  The goal is to provide a baseline of your fitness level associated with the specific movement demands of golf, remove barriers limiting your swing, improve performance and prevent injury.

This assessment is a physiotherapy service eligible for extended medical coverage.