Excerpt from “Inquiry into Dance Training, Injury Management and Artistic Expression

by Rhonda Cooper MPT, FCAMPT, Sessional Dance Instructor at Simon Fraser University

When we seek to learn a new skill or develop an understanding of a new concept, it is unrealistic to think that we can master the skill or comprehend the concept instantly. Therefore, pushing oneself to greater competency and knowledge requires willingness to be awkward and incorrect. This can be difficult for the dancer who is constantly judging their performance whether in class or on stage. This study strongly suggests that it is beneficial for dance artists to understand that mistakes and failures are a necessary part of the learning process, one that can lead to dramatic transformation if carefully reflected upon.

. . . the ability to learn from experience, difficult and unpleasant and profound and powerful to take all those experiences and continue moving forward . . . understand how youre moving through the world that you live in and be able to pick yourself up in that world over and over again.”  –James Gnam

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