Running Assessment

A running assessment is a physical analysis of joint mobility, stability, and flexibility. Through analysis of your running form and style of gait we can provide expert advice to improve your performance or help overcome injuries. Our physiotherapist, Jenny Kim, is experienced in treating running-related injuries such as knee, Achilles, hip, and back pain. With her personal knowledge of running, she offers effective treatment to correct, restore, and enhance running mechanics.

A running assessment will help anyone from beginners to ultra-marathon runners. Whether you are recovering from a previous injury, or hoping to cut down your marathon time, we can provide guidance for you.

The 60-minute session with Jenny Kim involves analyzing your gait and form while running on a treadmill. It also includes an in-depth analysis of your medical history and lifestyle to provide you with personalized care. Don’t forget to bring your running shoes! A single appointment could be all you need to receive helpful guidance on improving your form. Your physio may recommend exercises or stretches to address any muscle weaknesses or imbalances. She may suggest booking a follow-up physio appointment or even physio-supported exercise therapy with our in-house kinesiologist for further improvements.

The 60-minute assessment is $182.00 and is eligible for coverage to most insurance companies under physiotherapy treatment.

Book an appointment with Jenny Kim to improve your performance!

Enhance your running performance with our Physio Running Assessment at Oakridge Physiotherapy. Tailored for both new and seasoned runners, our assessment helps prevent injuries and improve efficiency. Take your running to the next level. Learn more about our assessment or call 604-321-3251 to book your session.