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What will happen at my 1st physiotherapy appointment?

Your physiotherapist will do an initial assessment that will provide a working diagnose of the injury.

  • Treatment will be provided to assist in your recovery by reducing pain and inflammation and to restore mobility and function.
  • Your physiotherapist will identify your needs with you and devise a treatment plan with you.
  • Our Physio treatment focuses primarily on manual therapy or a ‘hands on approach’ and includes education, exercise, and electrotherapy as determined by your physiotherapist.
How long is a physiotherapy appointment?
  • Physiotherapy visits are 30 minutes, however, your clinic time may vary between 30-60 minutes.
  • Prolonged visits are booked for 60 minutes.
How should I book an appointment with my physiotherapist?
  • Telephone
  • Email
Is a Doctors’ referral required for me to attend physiotherapy?

No, a doctor’s referral is not required for physiotherapy.

  • Some extended health plans and private insurers may require a referral to activate payment. Check with your insurer for details.
  • ICBC Claims – For a new claim you do not require a Doctor’s referral for your initial visit, unless specified by your Adjuster.
  • WorkSafe (WSBC)- To activate your claim you need to have seen your doctor.
  • DVA - Physio Injury Claims – A doctors referral is required with a specific diagnosis.
Will my extended health care plan cover all or a portion of my physio visit?

To determine whether you are covered for Physiotherapy under your extended health plan, please contact your insurer.

How does ICBC, Worksafe and DVA claims work with respect to my physio coverage?
  • Approved ICBC injury claim visits do not require any payment by the patient for the allocated number of visits allowed.
  • Approved WorkSafeBC injury claims do not require any payment by the patient for the allocated number of weeks allowed.
  • DVA is fully covered for the allocated number of visits once approved and does not require any payment by the patient.
Cancellation and No Show Policy

We would ask that you kindly provide 24 hours notice to cancel appointments. A fee will be applied for late cancellations or no shows.



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